Sons of Anarchy – Poenitentia Review

Early on in this episode Lee Toric’s hanging out with a prostitute.  He hears someone outside and grabs his gun and peeks out the window to see the District Attorney.  The hooker comes up behind him and he accidentally shoots her in the stomach.  It’s kind of hilarious, with him saying stuff like, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry”.  Haha, WHAT?!  But then he shoots her in the head to end it.  Yikes Lee, you’re one scary motherfucker.  Lee meets with the DA, and he’s still using this school shooting to go after Samcro any way he can.  The school shooter kid was named James Darmody.  Don’t know if there’s any Boardwalk Empire fans around here, but I find it strange all the blonde Jimmy Darmodys can’t live for shit on TV.


Tara’s dropping off her kids with Gemma, and side note here, Tara’s ass looks fantastic in jeans.  I’d like to see her naked.  Jax is finally meeting with Clay.  Clay spins his whole regret spiel that he ran by Gemma before.  Jax is having no part of it, and uses the opportunity to have an intense one sided conversation with Lee Toric.  He talks to him through the two way glass.  Which, how did he know EXACTLY where to look so he’s looking Lee in the eyes?  That seems to happen a lot in shows/movies.  I’d like to see them looking two feet to their left or something.  They’d have no clue!


Bobby’s still planning something.  Is it moving to Reno, is it forming a new Nomad crew?  I don’t know.  It’s probably been explicitly said, but I wasn’t invested enough to pay attention probably.  Bobby’s story’s been boring this far into the season, and I hope pays off somehow.  Then my favorite scene in the episode takes place.  Out of nowhere we transition from boring Bobby to Lee Toric holding a couple of Nero’s crew captive in their house.  He’s got them tied to chairs and grills them for the whereabouts of the school shooter kid’s mom and her boyfriend, Nero’s cousin.  When they don’t cooperate, Toric tries to use their teeth to pop off the cap of his beer bottle.  Only before he hilariously figures out it’s a twist top.  Donal Logue is so great, and this character is dynamic.


Jax’s ex Wendy shows up at the clubhouse and tells Gemma that she was attacked and threatened by a gentleman whose advances she spurned.  Jax is too busy to deal with it but eventually Gemma gives her an untraceable gun.  At the end she’s shown wiping away the bruise from the attack as it was only makeup the whole time.  I’m not totally sure what her game move was, to get closer to Jax or to get the gun possibly.  She’s up to something.


Jax has a meeting with Robocop, or Peter Weller’s Charles Barosky character and the madame of his newest whorehouse, Colette.   The coffeehouse they’re meeting at gets shot up by what turns out is the pornographer Persians.  Jax and Robocop go confront the Persians on their boat.  They’re suspicious that SAMCRO is responsible for the murder of one of their own.  One that Tig killed after being ordered to let them go.  They’re about to reach a peace and Charles goes full robocop and pulls out a switchblade and kills one of them and threatens them to leave town.  Later we see Jax going to see Colette, whom he fucked once before, only to find her fucking Charles.  It’s pretty weird when Charles looks into Jax’s eye and has this “Fuck yeah, bro” look on his face.  Creep ass Robocop.


Clay gets moved to general population and is approached by 3 black guys.  They fight and then tell Clay that if he wants to live is entirely on him.  Clay later approaches the white gang in prison and asks for protection.  Almost immediately the African American inmates start fighting with him again.  Clay’s new white brethren back him up, and out of left field shu SHAH Clay shanks the leader of the WHITE crew.  He’s later given his own shiv by one of the black guys and is told he might need it.  Presumably Clay’s on his own now.  Part of it being that Jax now told Pope’s men that he wants Clay alive to help deal with his split with the IRA.  This old story line’s getting worn pretty thin.  Jax changes his mind on whether he wants Clay alive or dead just about every episode.  Make a decision and stick with it, dude.


Lee Toric appears to be framing Nero for the murder of the prostitute.  Poor Nero, he’s such a good guy, for a gangbanger and all.  Other than getting to bone Gemma, his association with the Sons has not done him a whole lot of good.  In other news Tara’s pregnant.  She tells Gemma and Jax finds the pregnancy test from the hospital.  She’s obviously a little unhappy as she wanted to uproot her life and the kids she already has.  She really should stop fucking having kids.  Just stop, Tara!  There’s pills you could secretly take!  Why would she even tell Gemma?  If she wants an abortion, Gemma would have none of that shit.  I can’t imagine Jax being too thrilled, either.


Finally there’s Tig.  Tig lied to Jax about killing the Persian.  Jax saw right through it and sent him on an errand in their old porn studio.  Expecting fellow Sons, Tig is instead greeted by Pope’s men.  We have to assume that Tig is marked for death.  My only concern, maybe hope, is that since we haven’t actually SEEN Tig die, we might see more of him.  If this is the end of Tig, I’d like a bit more of an oomph.  I want an Opie watch-him-get-cracked-over-the-head-with-a-pipe moment.


Overall this was a fantastic episode.  A lot of build-up infused with great action and tense moments.  I give this episode a Four and half stars out of Five.