Switch Hitter: Workaholics

Oooooooooomg this week I was on the button, which actually isn’t as easy as it seems. I get confused and I picked a show that maybe my fellow screensnarkers did indeed watch instead of one they don’t. I don’t watch toooooo many fuckery weird programs ( okay Shelly okay).

For Switch Hitter this week I picked Workaholics on Comedy Central. I cannot express how much I love this goofy as all hell show. The story of 3 friends ( and a homeless sidekick) who have low level low stress office telemarketing jobs and the follies they get into on the daily.

This show may not seem like your typical show that appeals to a mom of two girls, but I shit you not…. I laugh out loud through the whole episode usually. Blake, Adam and Anders have this banter that seems so real due to them having real friendships IN REAL LIFE (mind blown).  It reminds me of the banter Vince Vaughn and John Favreau have in real life and on the short lived series ‘Dinner for 5′ on IFC? (I want that show to still be on air– hell I’d love to produce that show and have weirdo guests from 80′s shows like St Elsewhere or Silver Spoons …okay back on track).….I enjoy that so much, the free flow and uninterrupted tit for tats.

There are drug jokes and use, rape inferences, unclaimed homosexual tendencies, immaturity, depravity, and lots and lots of butthole humor. Which is a bonus for me since I seem to have a healthy/unhealthy obsession with all this butthole, loose or tight. My workaholics use “tight butthole” for a good situation and ” loose butthole” for unsavory ones. Makes. Perfect. Sense.

I have pretty much nothing in common with these guys and yet I think it’s one of the best shows on TV. Its not The typical cheesy line up on CBS with the yuk yuk laugh track. I sometimes feel guilty for even laughing at some the outrageous and awkward situations. And when I say awkward I mean like when a dog is buried in someone’s crotch searching for Cibola or something while you’re trying to have a conversation ….that kind of awkward.

So I hope my fellow ScreenSnarkers have a tight butthole after this experience…never mind ….I know they do.







Tight butthole. When I learned that Shelly had picked Workaholics for this week’s Switch Hitter I got worried. I believe the point of Switch Hitter is to pick shows that the commentators don’t normally watch, and I’m a Workaholicsaholic. Then I said fuck it, I won’t say anything and I’ll write about a show that I was going to watch anyways. Kill two birds with one lazy stone. I got into it after the first season had aired and many of my friends told me how hilarious it was. The ads were always kind of lame and I’d thought it was about some straight laced guys in silly situations. It’s almost the opposite of that, these characters could not be further from straight laced. I watched the latest episode on Wednesday, the season 4 premiere “Orgazmo Birth”. The premise of the episode lied within the gang, Anders, Blake and Adam, trying to to go to an EDM rave. This being Workaholics, things don’t go exactly as planned.
Montez, their sexually able co-worker, agrees to buy tickets on the condition that he can go, to get away from his pregnant wife. He has to be with them since the tickets are on will-call. When the gang goes to pick Montez up however, it’s in the middle of a baby shower and Montez can’t get away. The guys infiltrate the baby shower and Anders DJs as his alter ego “DJ Ango”, and everybody accidentally drinks the guys water laced with ecstasy. Safe to say things get pretty insane, but when the gang tries sneaking Montez out his wife goes into labor literally breaking her water on Adam’s face. They go to take her to a birthing center, but since she just needs a pool they stop at a gym. There’s a hilarious sequence where the gym employee gives them a tour of the complex as Montez’s pregnant wife is trying to move things along. They get to the pool and since the plan was for her to orgasm as she gives birth, but Montez is unconscious in the car so the fellas have to stimulate her and they are completely ineffective. They didn’t even get gym memberships despite the fact that they had a baby in the pool.  My only complaint for this episode? No Jillian. She cracks me the fuck up.

So yeah, of course I know why people like Workaholics. It’s a completely ridiculous show, to go from a baby shower blasting dubstep with old women shaking their titties to Lois Griffin giving birth in a gym hot tub, the situations don’t get much more insane. Some of my favorite past Workaholics moments include the guys at a Juggalo festival, Anders and Adam trying to fight in speedos but they kept getting boners, set up a sting operation for a pedophile but befriending him, their drug dealer friend Karl writing “rape van” on the side his van so nobody fucks with it. The funniest part, however, is the interplay between the guys during all this. The biggest laughs often come from some kind of silly side conversation they have. The dialogue, like the rest of the show, is based almost nowhere in the realm of reality but squarely in the land of hilarity. I’d recommend this show to anyone who isn’t adverse to off the wall, irreverent, drug fueled comedy.





It has taken me a long time to come around to the idea of enjoying Comedy Central’s Workaholics. When it first debuted a few seasons ago, the ad campaign for the show was squarely aimed at the college male demographic, of which I have long since exited. Even the opening credits feature a marijuana pipe and red Solo cups, just one rohypnol pill shy of the college frat party trifecta. Combined with the uber-popular Tosh.0, Workaholics just reeked of the type of comedy that I just would not enjoy. However, this past year I enjoyed two of the stars of the show in other projects. Anders Holm had (and continues to have) a great guest role as Mindy Kaling’s boyfriend on “The Mindy Project”. Adam Devine has had some scene-stealing roles in the movie “Pitch Perfect” as well as playing the “manny” (male nanny) on “Modern Family”. I enjoyed both of these guys so much that I decided to finally give Workaholics a try, and much to my surprise, the episodes I watched from the first season were pretty funny (my favorite was the episode with the Juggalos).

For this assignment, I decided to begin watching the show as it aired for the first time, so I am reviewing the first episode of the new season, “Orgazmo Birth”. The plot revolves around the three guys wanting to attend the electronic festival Technotopia, but the high priced tickets turn them off. Their henpecked coworker Montez agrees to buy their tickets if they promise to bring him to the festival and help him escape his wife’s baby shower. The three guys proceed to purchase a drug call “Molly” to use at the festival, but it ends up in the bellies of the women at the baby shower due to a kool-aid mixup. Everyone is dancing to Anders’ music, which he is playing under the name DJ Ango, a joke that he beats to death over the course of the episode (but that appears to be par for the course for this show, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). As Adam is grinding on Montez’s wife, her water breaks on his face. The guys now have to decide whether to take her to a delivery room or to the medical tent at their musical festival, which results in a hilarious series of U-turns in an indecisive car.

They eventually decide to have a water birth at a gymnasium pool. Montez’s wife wants to have an “orgasmic water birth” which results in the three guys trying to help her achieve orgasm, which is incredibly bizarre. Luckily (?) Montez shows up to help her out as she ejaculates the baby (which is a phrase I never thought I’d ever need to use).

The episode ends with the three guys and Montez trying to get into the electronica festival only to discover that one of their coworkers (who they made fun of earlier in the episode) used Montez’s name and ID badge to collect their ticket at will call. Ha ha.

Overall, this episode was entertaining. I can see why it is popular with the college audience, as this episode did have a lot of drug and sex humor. The show is like The Three Stooges on LSD as the three characters are constantly bumbling their way through every experience. I definitely want to keep watching to see what adventures they’ll fall into next.



“The show is like The Three Stooges on LSD ” and “tight butthole” sum it up.


Thanks folks!



  • Joel

    Dinner For Five was my jam, Shelly. Hell yeah. I miss that show.