I thought this Pilot eppy of Hostages was rather good. I, in fact like it More than I did Blacklist (which borrowed entirely too much from Silence of the Lambs). Its again nothing groundbreaking in TV but I’ll take it any day over CSI: The moon.
I forgot how hot Toni Collete can be, She is a bad ass buff bitch! I think I always just related her to “Muriel’s Wedding” and she was rounder then, but she is sassy ass kicking sexy now. The show is a bit of a blur at first, a mystery if you will, trying to figure out why Dylan McDermott (McHottMiddleage) is an FBI SWAT guy AND a Bad guy, I’m already sucked in.
Toni is married to Tate Donovan (like where the hell has he been since being Jennifer Aniston’s cast off and the dad from The OC?)they have two bratty sullen teenage kids; a boy and a girl. Toni is a Rock-star Dr/Surgeon who is about to perform surgery on our American President (who I was hoping for President David Palmer from 24 but whatever). We start to figure out McDermott has a sick wife and someone calling the shots about her health and his life and that maybe he turns into a bad guy to protect his family.
The family is being heavily watched and under camera surveillance and we learn what we already knew: families aren’t perfect. Dad is cheating on mom, teen son is dealing drugs, teen daughter dates “Chuck” from the Original Footloose and is pregnant by this older redneck guy and mom… well mom is actually a saint (so far). They have a beautiful Golden Retriever named Barley ( i know) like all perfect white families do.
So the “team” of bad guys led by McDermott infiltrates the Perfect family in their home and lays down what will happen. Dr Mom has to kill the president during tomorrow’s surgery or the fam gets offed. SO there is the plot for the season. I myself asked the same question you are: “If she is performing the surgery tomorrow how will this last all season”? The writers take care of that in a clever way I won’t reveal to you. I mean it’s not that clever but interesting.
There was a queef theme only in the beginning. Dr Mom drives a volvo. Volvo=vulva=queef. I usually can work that into any episode of any TV show.

I give 7 out of 10 stars. it’s no Breaking Bad (what is?) or LOST or even Supernatural, but I found it watchable and will be following it for a while.