American Horror Story: Coven “Bitchcraft”!



OMG guys it’s here! I have been waiting for American Horror Story:Coven for what seems like forever. This is my jam! I love supernatural-ish shows done right. And creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk in my opinion do just that. The style of the whole show is right up my weirdo horror alley. This show is the third in an Anthology which to me is so awesome that you can pick this show up without having watched prior seasons.
Some old favorites from seasons past pop up in different characters. Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, the enchanting Taissa Farmiga and the one and only bad ass Jessica mother fucking (yes that is her middle name) Lange! This season is all about witches. A brief history of witches is described at the beginning after Farmiga experiences an unpleasant romantic event. The witches from Salem have traveled down south to New Orleans which is rich in Cajun and voodoo history. We travel back in time to the 1830′s to see Kathy Bates (she is so awesome in this!) playing Ms. Delphine LaLaurie (I want that cool ass name!). She is a tyrant evil tortuous woman who is based on a real woman with a real history. Bates plays her perfectly as you expect her to. Her story is setting up her return of sorts for the entire season to come.
Fast Forward to present day and we see Farmiga being sent to a “finishing school” for extraordinary girls: or A school for witches. It has been established to protect them to nurture their talents and to guide them. This is done in a non-hokey way, this could have easily been the theme for an ABC (not so) Family movie of the week, but Murphy and Falchuk would never allow that to happen, this isn’t Nap/Suck for shit’s sake.
There Farmiga meets the headmistress (Paulson) and a few other girls who are seemingly like here. Gabourey Sidibe as “Queenie” whose “gift” seems to be she is a human voodoo doll. ( I only yelled “Precious!” twice while watching her scenes), Able to inflict pain while slapping her own face or stabbing herself with a fork. Emma Roberts as “Madison Montgomery” who has the talent of telekinesis and can throw an entire bus with the thought from her mind. She’s like a buck toothed Carrie (She’s the cast member I’m most annoyed with, she seems to overact but I’ll give her a chance). Rounding off the students at the private school for Witches is season 1 favorite Jamie Brewster as “Nan”, a clairvoyant girl who happens to be more insightful than in just one way.

Jessica Lang is a “supreme” witch who has all the powers of the world at he fingertips (except to be able to look young, which confuses me but I’m sure I’ll learn). She is the mother of Paulson’s character: Cordelia Foxx ( how awesome is it to have two “x’s” in your name??!) The show kicks off with twisted sexual trysts and horrific tortuous scenarios that delight my weirdo gross black soul. Now Murphy seems to have an obsession with Rape in every season, and that’s cool and all, but I’m hoping this will be the last of this after this episode.

I don’t want to reveal the the inner workings of the episode because truly you have to delight and enjoy for yourself to “get it” and you very well may not ever get it. I get it, I want to keep getting it and I love the kick off to this season of American Horror Story!




9.5/10 stars!

  • noman

    I will never ever watch this show. I promise. But I will read your reviews repeatedly.

  • Cameron

    Did you know Kathy Bates’ character is based on a real life person? Awesome, right?