Sons of Anarchy “John 8:32” Review

Holy crap, things are happening.  Stuff is coming to light and shit’s getting real!  I feel like this is the show’s mantra this season, to somehow always have the audience saying that.  A perpetual series of “ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit” moments.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it, Nero’s an awesome dude and the Sons are doing nothing to benefit him personally.  All he’s getting out of it is Gemma’s sweet ass.  She looks damn good for a woman her age, but for the shit Nero goes through, I hope she does kegels.  He walks around with righteousness on his side, just trying to get everyone to get along and he just gets bruises.

Yes, Jax obviously didn’t want to hear the truth about his lying bitch wife faking a pregnancy and miscarriage.  That’s some next level effed up shizz, so I don’t blame him.  The scenes with Jax and Nero were especially great.  It was fantastic to see his hatred of his mother slip upon finding out that Gemma was forced to fuck Clay in prison, and then to see doubt form after his fight with Nero when Gemma tells him the truth about Tara.  A hard truth to swallow.  Then to see Jax’s barely contained rage when confirming it with Tara’s lawyer, yiiiiiiiiikes.  This is what we’ve been waiting for, and it’s awesome.  There was a pleasant enough side storyline about a girl whose mother was killed in the accident caused by Jax’s father when he died.  It was sweet to see Jax be sweet to this girl, and see that her mother sort of lives as a guardian angel type homeless character we glimpse sometimes on the show.  It was sweet, nice, and sort of dragging down the momentum of things near the end.  I mean, shit is going down!  I want to see Jax cunt punch Tara into next week!  He might find that kind of difficult because the episode ends with Tara waiting in a chair at home, holding a pistol.



If I have faith in ANYONE cunt punting a gun wielding whore, it’s this man.

Other happenings was Robocop pulled out of business with Jax and Nero.  Whatevs.  Jax came to an agreement with the DA whereas he promises to deliver Gaalan and a warehouse full of guns in exchange for immunity for SAMCRO.  This scene is particularly good as it gives CCH Pounder and Charlie Hunman a lot of room to show off their acting chops, and their back and forth is just fantastically scripted.  Clay’s getting closer to breaking out of prison as he pulls a stunt in the jailhouse church about pussy being his god.  It was kind of weird, and then he straight up Hannibal Lectered a guard and bit his nose the fuck off.  That was very weird.  As much as I’ve grown to love this show, it does love to show it’s bizarre nature at times.  There’s also a chilling scene wherein Gemma describes to Nero exactly her involvement in J.T’s death, which basically amounted to her giving Clay her blessing because she recognized him as a weak link.  Cold

Overall this was just another great episode in what’s become one of the most engrossing seasons so far into the series.  The hour and half long episodes fly by and keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time.  Five out of five stars.

  • Joe