Boardwalk Empire “Acres of Diamonds” Review

First off, how long is Kelly MacDonald’s name going to be included in the opening credit sequence without an actual appearance from her?  Half the season?  Nucky’s in Tampa here at the behest of a fellow booze runner friend McCoy.  It turns out his friend is in debt to a local big shot named Tucker and getting Nucky to do business with Tucker is his way to repay that debt.  Nucky chats up a young real estate agent and discovers that all of this land that his alcohol would supposed to be running through is being developed.  He decides it wouldn’t be in his best interest and refuses the deal.


In other areas, Eli’s son William is doing some college bullshit.  He’s trying to impress some broads by getting some “giggle juice” and things go awry.  I wasn’t fully on board with the whole bully situation.  Everything about the bully screamed over the top 1980’s after-school special.  “Oh look ROMEO, your anger isn’t the only thing that’s arisen!”.  Holy shit, he got a boner from making out with a hot chick?!  That’s fucking terrible!  I’m not entirely sure where they’re going with William’s story line, and I’m not sure I care very much.


Gillian Darmody is now cavorting around town with Ron Livingston’s “Piggly Wiggly” Roy.  They act like a married couple, it’s mostly a bunch of nonsense shmoozing woozing.  Gillian’s still a druggie, and some guy came snooping around about a dude that she murdered last season.


We meet Dr. Narcisse in his environment, as a professor at a “negro college”.  Finally, it’s (sort of) explained why he keeps using the word, “Libyans”.  It’s what he refers all black people to as.  I really like Doctor Narcisse thus far.    I would be perfectly happy with him as the overarching “villain” of the season.  Last year we had Gyp Rosetti, who was controlled by his outrageous temper.  Narcisse, on the other hand, seems completely in control at all times.  That makes him seem more dangerous, to me.  Anyway, he’s meeting with Rothstein and they’re getting into the heroin business together.  I enjoyed seeing them in the same room, and never figured out which one was more haughty.  The show seems to be sowing more seeds of discontent between Chalky and his right hand man, Dunn.   Dr. Narcisse seems poised to take advantage of this rift, the how is left to be seen.


Patricia Arquette shows up as a waitress in Tampa called Sally and has a chat with Nucky.  Nuck actually does most of the talking here, and does some self-reflection.  He laments that it was easier before prohibition just being a corrupt city official.  I suppose it was this conversation that ultimately convinces him to change his mind, and he decides to give the go-ahead for Tampa expansion.  He tells this to McCoy, who is then revealed to have machete killed Tucker– presumably in self-defense.


Richard Harrow’s killing arc in the first episode came to an end.  He was hired to assassinate three men and he failed to kill the last one.  He’s shown early in the episode burying his gun, I suppose as a symbol of his intent to no longer kill people.  That plan gets screwed up when the guy who hired him shows up.  He manages to kill the guy’s lackey, but is pinned down and about to be shot in the face when his sister shows up and shoots the guy with a shotgun.  I guess these sort of visitors aren’t welcome at Richard’s sister’s house because after this Richard is leaving.  He’s leaving his sister in the hands of the rock salesman.  At least she’ll always be provided with the correct sort of gravel.


Overall this was a solid episode of Boardwalk Empire.  A bit slow in places, but that’s how this show usually operates. Have to set up some exposition.  It’s like a hill, it’s got to pick up steam at first but then in the latter half of the season it should start barreling.


I give this episode a 4 out of 5.