Joel In One-Mom

I was actually astonished at how much I enjoyed Mom.  It’s A Chuck Lorre CBS sitcom, which led me into it with my hater pants firmly on.  But the cast is just too damned flawed and likable.  Anna Faris is adorable and hilarious as always.  Allison Janney brings her armfuls of Emmys worth of talent to the table as well.  They managed to pull French Stewart out of whatever 3rd rock he’s been hiding under, and as I was already enjoying the show, Matt Jones shows up to alleviate my fears of a post Breaking Bad life with no Badger in it.

Faris plays a recovering addict and mother of two whose own recovering addict mother attends meetings with her and re-enters her life as Faris’ daughter is heading down the same path herself:smoking weed, boozing, sleeping around(her dopey shirtless boyfriend was also quite funny in his minimal screen time).  Matt Jones plays the pothead slacker father of her son who hangs around the house(a lot, I hope)and French Stewart plays the snooty asshole chef(think Gordon Ramsay) at the upscale restaurant where she works and sleeps with her boss(Nate Corrdry),

It seems like a very, very busy show from that description, but I have to tell you, it works.  Faris and Janney have great chemistry together and I love to see Matt Jones has a job again.  I hope I’m right, because I thought the 2 Broke Girls pilot was really funny as well.  And then I saw the same episode 14 more times before giving up on it.