Joel In One-We Are Men

I’m gonna make this one real short.  Nope. Never. Not even once.  I never want to hear from or see this program again and yes it deserves to die and I hope it burns in hell!

Kumar, some new guy, Jerry O’Connell Romijn Stamos and Mr. Monk are four bros who live in some weird apartment complex for single bros to bro out and get their bang on.  What the fuck are you doing here, Tony Shaloub?  And they cast HIM as the mega confident poon hound.  No, he’s the sad sack.  Always.  It’s what he does! But they have Kumar in the sad sack role and Jerry O’Connell Romijn Stamos as guy who wears a speedo always because laugh.

This show is hot ass garbage, and I see no potential for even accidental growth.  They’re four guys who go to bars and bang chicks.  Although tell me if they start banging each other.  I give it 6 episodes.  Don’t let me down, America

Avoid at all costs 1/10

  • Cameron

    Cancelled after two eps. Nice.