Joel In One-The Crazy Ones

This is going to be a tough one to review in a biased fashion.  It all really depends on how much you enjoy Robin Williams.  There are two Robin Williams.  Robin Williams, the “act” and Robin Williams, the actor.  Robin Williams, the “act” is something that I detest.  As a stand up comedy nerd, I fucking hate him, plain and simple.  LOOKOVERHERELOOKOVERTHERELOOKATMYDICKI’MACRAZYMAN!  ORAMIASANEMAN? APLANTAINMAN? ACARPOOLLANEMAN? WHACKYSCHMACKYDUCKFUCK! No, you’re on cocaine, man.  And you’re fucking exhausting to deal with.  Robin Williams, the actor is something that I quite enjoy.  Good Will Hunting and Mrs. Doubtfire are awesome.  And to The Crazy Ones’ credit, the meld the two successfully and it works.  I can’t even believe I’m saying this, but CBS put out another new sitcom, with Robin Williams no less, that I didn’t hate.  I feel like I’m in Bizzaro World.

In short, The Crazy Ones is Mad Men for dummies.  It follows the goings on of an ad agency and the wackiness that ensues.  Williams plays the former(current?) genius ad man in charge.  Sarah Michelle Gellar plays his partner and daughter whose strait laced no nonsense attitude evens him out.  I guess she got fed up with her floundering career and got that CBS “Fuck you” money, figuring pairing with Williams on a CBS sitcom is a guaranteed 5 or 6 seasons.  Rounding out the cast is the great Hamish Linklater(Who I’ve been a champion of for years since he basically starred as  young Joel the first time he ever went to a rave in the criminally underappreciated independent film, Groove).  James Wolk also stars as the eye candy for the ladies who they stole directly from Mad Men itself.

So I guess it all depends on how much you like Robin Williams at the end of the day.  If you like him, you’ll love this, and if you hate him, ehhhh, you still might like this in spite of yourself.


  • Cameron

    Sometimes Robin Williams has a funny idea, I just think he’ll throw so much shit out so fast it’s hard to handle. His comedy is like he points a shotgun at a dart board and he might get the bullseye, but there’s gonna be a lot of fucking misses and a big mess.