Joel In One-Back In The Game

Former softball standout Maggie Lawson(Psych) and her young son ditch the life they had back in Michigan and are forced to move back in with her father for reasons that are never made entirely clear.  Her son isn’t exactly hot shit at school as he thinks the way NOT to get beat up is by kissing your bullies on the mouth.  He has a crush on a girl who digs ballplayers(don’t they all?), so he wants to try out for little league.  His grandpa, The Cannon(James Caan, slumming the fuck out of it) is all for the idea, but Mom has been emotionally crippled by the Cannon and baseball her entire life.  He may have a gruff James Caan-ian exterior, but he’s got a heart of gold, see?!  Seeing that it’s not because of the Cannon and because of a girl that he wants to play ball, she decides to help him.  She helps him by throwing a fastball into a loudmouth’s face and becomes defacto coach of the team.  Because that’s how that happens.

The pitch meeting for this sitcom was pretty much “Let’s get James Caan and get him to say awful, inappropriate things to children”  He calls them fat, gay, tells them to take baseball bats to the other guys knees.  To protest a call in one of his daughter’s games, he whipped out his dick and pissed on home plate.  What a crazy old man!!  I liked this better the first time I saw it when it was called The Bad News Bears.  James Caan, I knew Morris Buttermaker, and you sir, are no Morris Buttermaker.  Hell, you aren’t even the Billy Bob Thornton version.  Maybe I’ll watch it out of boredom and the fact that baseball comedies are some of my favorite things, but get better.  Quickly.

Oh, and his daughter pitched six perfect games.  Get the fuck outta here!



  • Joe

    Santino Corelone gets no respect. Sonny got shot up at the tool booth and it’s basically been downhill from there.

  • askewviews

    This should have at least premiered in the spring during the beginning of baseball season not the end.