Joel In One-Dads



I don’t feel like devoting much time to Dads, as I feel that it did not devote much time in making me want to watch it.  This show was just offensive in more ways than one.  How much did I hate Dads?  Let me count the ways.


1.  I really used to like Giovanni Ribisi.  I saw him in Boiler Room and thought for sure this guy would have a handful of Oscar nominations by now.  What happened to you, bro?  You couldn’t even land a guest spot on New Girl or something?  I hope they are backing up the Brinks truck to your house for this.


2.  I haven’t liked Martin Mull in much of anything since his portrayal of Leon on Roseanne, but I don’t think I’ve actively hated him until now “There’s a reason Shanghai is a verb, don’t trust em!”  “Whatcha playin, Punch the Puerto Rican?”  “They have a gay guy.  Show him your gay guy!”   Uggh, this is your pilot.  Your first impression.  God damn.


3.  Seth Green, however, fits in like a glove here.  He’s always at his best when playing the douchebag.  Anyone who has seen his over the top performances he gave playing himself on Entourage can attest to that.  The guy makes a good dickhead, so he gets a pass.


4.  The unfortunate truth is that this show has a real shot at being a big hit.  It’s basically begging for the Two And A Half Men crowd and they can spare about 7 or 8 million viewers.  That comparison should be all you really need to know about Dads at the end of the day.