DVR Demon-Ray Donovan

DVR Demon is a column in which I run you through all the bullshit that happened to escape my DVR on any given day. I’m hardly ever current on any shows, so who knows what the fuck you’ll find in here.


Also, if you’re a dildo about spoilers, tread lightly


Ray Donovan S1E11 “Bucky Fuckin Dent” So as we left the last episode, Sully(the always terrific James Woods) showed up to town to kill Mickey as per Ray’s orders.  Mickey’s fling took a slug in the head and as they were about to do in Mickey, he strikes some sort of deal.  I don’t know what that was, but Mickey’s alive, Sean Walker has been killed and Sully is MIA.  Mickey’s a little slow to the uptake on how to get a movie made.  You usually don’t kill your producer/star.  Meanwhile at the gym, Terry’s banging the married broad again(hey, if you go to confession every time, it’s okay!), when Bunchy walks in on them covered in blood saying he’d done a terrible thing.  They call Ray down there as if he doesn’t have enough shit to deal with what with this maniac he unleashed on LA.  Ray shows up and they take him to the bathroom where the priest that Bunchy thinks touched him as a boy lay bleeding out on the floor.  Ohhhhhh shit.  Business just picked up.


Ray has a conversation with the priest and seems less than convinced that they’ve got the right guy.  The Donovans should really stop laying waste to priests on general principle until they get some fucking intel on the guys.  Ray and Terry go off to have a chat about how to handle this and come back to Bunchy’s doofy ass on top of the priest punching him and screaming.  Bunchy’s a scary man.  Very slow mentally, very strong physically and with a hot temper.  Bad news.


A pretty heartbreaking scene between Ray, Bunchy and Terry follows.  Bunchy says it was all his fault anyway because it never happened to Terry or Ray.  “Maybe I was just one of those kids.  I let him fuck around with me…he was nice to me.  He took me places”  Ray tells him to knock it off with all that shit.  It’s his fault if it’s anybody’s.  He was too preoccupied with getting Mickey’s attention that he didn’t see what was happening under his nose. “Bucky fuckin Dent” he sighed.  Mickey was supposed to take him to that baseball game, got him all fired up about it and then ditched him.  Damn.


Whoaaaa, did not see this coming.  the priest(under duress of a Ray interrogation) confesses to the things he did, but refuses to apologize, instead asking Bunchy “Do you forgive me?”  As Bunchy’s eyes are tearing up, Abby bangs on the door(dammit, Abby.  This is gripping stuff here!) and comes upstairs where the priest pleas for her help.  She quickly realizes exactly what’s happening her and leaves the evil fucker in the hands of the Donovan boys.  They convince Ray to take him to a hospital.  “Alright”, Ray agrees “But I’ll take him.  Alone.”  Well that doesn’t sound fishy at all.  The priest tells them that he’s gonna be killed.  Ray tells him to shut the fuck up.  Father says “You never told them, did you?”  Ray says again to shut the fuck up.  He starts to speak again and Ray puts a bullet between his eyes.  DOUBLE WHOA!  What the fuck is happening here?  What’s your secret, Ray?!


Looks like Bunchy wasn’t the only one who was abused.



This explains a lot about Ray’s white hot rage towards Mickey, who should have been there to protect them from this much more evil father figure

-This show has its flaws, but this was easily the best of the bunch.  It’s hard not to feel heartbreak for these Boston tough guys as they sit there with the man that filled them with so much hate their entire lives. Seeking revenge?  Justice?  Closure?  I’m not sure.  But in the end, I think they got all three.

-No Sully?  Boo.

Quote of the episode: “You told me you was puttin God in my mouth”  Yeah, that won’t give me night terrors.


DVR Demon.  I watched this shit.  now you don’t have to.