Joel’s Daily: 12/8/13

12/08-Saturday Night Live “Paul Rudd; One Direction”-NBC

-How much do I love Paul Rudd?  I dunno, the maximum amount?

-Uh oh, off to a poor start with a Kristen Wiig cameo as the awful baby handed girl from the Lawrence Welk sketches

-Complete with Fred Armisen cameo.  Well, fuck.  With Rudd there, Ferrell and the Anchorman gang better show up to make up for this crap.

-Ha, hell yes.  They appear as quickly as I summoned them to take on one direction in the monologue. “You brought your boy band….I brought my man band.”

-A little Afternoon Delight.  I’ll take it.  That was fun.

-A hilarious bit with Rudd as One Direction’s number 1 fan punking out a bunch of little girls.

-Next week: John Goodman!  It must be Christmas.

-One Direction.  Well, that was positively queer.

-Taran Killam’s 1860s film critic is pretty funny, but this season’s lack of Drunk Uncle is reaching Critical Mass.  We lost Stefan, dammit!

-haha, White Christmas “Essence calls it the Macklemore of movies”

-How did Thin Santa make it on air?

-At the end of the Victor sketch were we supposed to see Paul Rudd crawling from behind the couch?  That made me laugh harder than the sketch did.

-TO BILL BRASKY!!!!!!!!!


12/08-Treme “This City”-HBO

-Jeanette gets hit with a cease and desist forcing her to change the name of her restaurant.  taking the sign down, changing menus, ads, etc.  That’s gonna hurt.

-I wish I cared about anything as much as Davis cares about music.

-Annie’s playing the House of Blues now?  Nice.  Oh, the perks of being incredibly gorgeous.

-Wendell Pierce is so good in this.  It makes me sad to see him slumming it on The Michael J Fox Show.


12/08-The Amazing Race “Amazing ‘Crazy’ Race”-CBS

-2 hour season finale!  Go team Afghanimals!  Death to Tim and Marie!  And fuck the hypocrite Nicole and Travis!  Jason and Amy are also here!  Let’s begin.

-The three teams are going to work together to take out the Afghanimals.  Man, fuck you guys.  Leo and Jamal forever.

-And they try ditching Tim and Marie the second they land in Tokyo.  So much for that plan.

-The Afghanimals and Tim and Marie are doing a human bowling ball thing at a Japanese game show, because of course that’s what you should do.  Fun!  While the other two teams must make a phone call while underwater in a phone booth and relay the message to their partner.

-The phone booth teams finish in like a minute.  That was a clear right choice.  Afghanimals finish the game show before Tim and Marie even get there.  The teams think Leo and Jamal fucked up somewhere and missed a flight but actually, they’re in first place.  I love it.

-Tim pushes Marie so hard, he launches her into the air.  You know he’s been waiting to do that shit.  Marie is the worst.

-Everyone but Tim and Marie are at the road block now where they have to build a giant robot based on a little tiny robot to look at for reference.

-Marie shows up and starts beasting this thing.  Her and Leo are both close to finished as we head to commercial, which is embarrassing because Amy and Nicole are working together.  Nicole is such a loser.

-Marie finishes first.  Ridiculous.  Parting words for her “alliance”: “Thanks for not helping me guys.  You’re doing great.”  haha

-Tim and Marie finish first, followed by those stupid bitches helping each other.  Afghanimals out.  Fuck.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but after this leg, go Tim and Marie.  She may be the worst, but at least she’s capable.  If Travis and Nicole win, fuck this season.  I’d be okay with Jason and Amy, too.

-haha, Marie made Tim sign a contract prior to the race saying that there would be a 60-40 split in her favor for any and all prizes won.  Of course you did, Marie.  You bitch.

-Final leg in Juneau, AK.  Yay, my sister lives there.  Beautiful.

-The roadblock is flying in a supply plane and dropping a bag of flour on a target.  This is one of the cooler final legs in the show’s history.  Alaska is awesome and the visuals seen here are breathtaking.

-Travis is in a constant state of frustration because of how big a loser Nicole is.

-Amy is the first to finish as both Nicole and Marie are struggling mightily.  They move on to the detour which is a fucking ice expedition down into a glacier canyon, crossing a ladder bridge and using pickaxes to climb a glacier and pickaxe their clue out of a giant ice block.  How cool is this?  I’d be scared shitless, but it is super awesome.

-Marie finishes on her 12th attempt and Nicole isn’t even trying anymore.  She’s on her 17th attempt as we head to break.  Travis is about to walk home.  For reference, Amy got it on her 2nd try.

-Nicole nails it on her 21st try.  Good grief.

-Jason and Amy are walking through a tunnel on the inside of a glacier.  This is so amazing, no pun intended.

-haha, there’s a whole load of Try Again fakeout clues inside the ice.  That isn’t right.

-Annnnnd Nicole drops her pick down into the canyon as she’s climbing.  I swear to god.  Now I see why Amy was so adamant about helping her during the robot challenge.  Because having her in the finals is like a guaranteed head start.

-And now for the Amazing Race finale staple.  Building a huge thing that you need to remember every place they’ve been.  In this case, building totem poles that spell out all the currency they’ve used.

-Jason, to his cab driver: “Do you speak English?” It’s Alaska, numbnuts.  Not Indonesia

-I would get so damned frustrated doing this.  Jason and Amy or Tim and Marie.  It’s theirs to lose, because Nicole is Nicole.

-After six 2nd place finishes, Jason and Amy power through and win the Amazing Race.  Good for them.  They were the most likable team of the three.